Wednesday, July 31, 2019

meena ki duniya radio programm time table

Meena Ki Duniya Radio program aired by UNICEF which is dedicated to Girl Education in India.
  Meena is a fictional character who plays in the Indian children's television show Meena.  The show has been aired in languages   like Bengali, English, Hindi, Nepali and Urdu.  The main character, Mina, educates South Asian children through their stories in comic books, animated films and radio series on issues of gender, health and social inequality.
  Secondary characters in his stories include his brother Raju and his pet parrot Mithu.  Her audience goes on with her adventures as she tries to get an education, has the same share of food as Raju, and learns about the HIV virus.  All his stories advocate a change in social and cultural practices.
  Her popularity is not only because she is closely tied to one country or South Asian culture, but because of the common characteristics of all.  Its creation was partly due to UNICEF, an organization that supports the growing academic awareness of South Asia through Mina and her stories.  Is.
  This app contains packages:
  - Basic Education Council latest news update
  -Mina's key world stories and radio programs
  -The standard key bat
  For children to learn, Jhala School or Jundalia.
  -The official Facebook page and group of Facebook, you can join and share your valuable ideas and information.
  - Google plus ical physical community, easy to join.
  - View YouTube official channel More videos related to Basic Education.
  Application features:
  - No internet connection required.
  - Pure Hindi App.
  - Share content with your friends on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  We'll be providing our next update day by day with more popular updates, more new features and more sharing options.

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