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Constitution Of India importand information

Bharat Nu Bandharan (Constitution Of India) And Panchayatiraj Download Most IMP Pdf Materials Which Has Been Released By Gujarat's Best Academy.We Have Find Best Materials Of Bharat Bandharan And Panchayatiraj For You Which Are As Follows Bharat Nu Bandharan By Shahejad Kazi,Bharat Nu Bandharan By Anamika Academy And Pachayatiraj By Kumar Academy And Many More Materials You Can Download From Below.
Information About Constitution Of India 
The Constitution Of India Is The Supreme Law Of India.It Laysdown The Pattern Defining Fundamental Political Principles,Accepted Of The Structure,Procedurs,Powers And Duties Of Government And All Citizens.It Is The Longest Written Constitution Of Any Sovereign Country In The World.The Nation Is Governed By Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Is Regarded As It's Chief Architect.It Was Adopted By The Constituent Assembly On 26 November 1949 And Came Into Effect 26 January 1950 With It's Adoption The Union Of India Replacing The Government Of India Act 1935 As The Fundamental Government Document.The Framers Of Country Repealed The Prior Acts Of The British Parliament Via Article 395 Of The Constitution.India Celebrates Its Coming With Force On 26 January Each Year As Republic Day.
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Topic NameDownloadBharat Nu Bandharan-Shahejad KaziDownload

Bharat Nu Bandharan-Astha AcademyDownload

Bharat Nu Bandharan-Anamika AcademyDownload

Mahatv Na Bandharan Na SudharaDownload

Bharat Sarkar Dvara Nirmit Bandharan BookDownload

Panchayatiraj Part 1-Kumar AkademyDownload

Panchayatiraj Part 2-Kumar AkademyDownload

Panchayatiraj Part 3-Kumar AkademyDownload

Bandharaniy Rit(Writs)Download

Whatsapp PIP: Whatsapp is now updating its popular PIP facility.  This feature allows users to run third-party videos in chat videos.  Whatsapp is adding new feature to it  The WABetaInfo website has reported that PIP Mode 2.0 is working towards bringing.

 However, users can use this feature only in chat windows, but after new updates to Whatsapp, you can still use PIP mode after minimizing the app, meaning that the video on your Watts does not fit the chat window, even after optimizing the WhatsApp  Be able to use it.

 For example, if your friend sends you YouTube or any video, you play it in PIP mode in the chat application.  But, when we come to the home screen, the video stops.  After the update came, the video will remain on the user's home screen.  This means that users will be able to use other applications without watching the video on the Whatsapp app. WebTinfo says that these updates have been made available on the Android Beta version 2.19.177.  Soon its stable version will be released.  VobaitInfo has already provided information about this and shared a screenshot as well.  Can be understood by the screenshot given above.  The left-hand photo update is before and the photo on the right shows the video is not closed even after coming to the home screen. Sometimes it happens that a friend sends an audio message on our Whatsapp.  We do not have a headphone or earphone at that time or it is possible that the firefones are not in use at the time.  The problem is that the message is very special and we can not even hear it by turning on the speaker.  For such a situation, we will tell you how you can listen to audio sounds in a low voice and no one knows.

 Update Version Not Required

 You do not need to update the Whatsapp app, and it does not have to turn on any special feature, but this is a very easy way.  Whenever you receive an audio file, you have to tap the play button on the audio file and earphones need to be ear-marked by tapping the play button while calling.  Doing this, you can listen to audio from earphones instead of your phone's speaker. By doing this you can send an audio message in a nutshell.  Recently, WootSpeep has released a feature that rolled out a feature to facilitate chatting with audio files.  Now you do not need to hold the mic button as before.  Now after you tap on the recording button you will see the recording being dragged upwards, once you record your full massage, you have to tap the sand button and the message will go to the receiver. The central government now has to make all the messages from the social media platforms WhatsApp an unnecessary fingerprint  Have said.  According to Business The Economic Times, the government has asked WhatsApp to add a digitally fingerprint without breaking the encryption of every message sent from their platform.  This allows all the containings shared on WhatsApp can be traced, without reading the message, WhatsApp will also know how many people have seen and forwarded the message.

 The government told the vote - the officials said that fingerprinting of Whatsapp messages will help to know if any message has started.  He said that we do not want to read the mesaj, but if someone is making false messages and asking to start with WhatsApp, then he should be able to give information, the company has found its way.  This is technically possible.

 > One official said that the government will only seek information about the start of the message from the company in just a few cases.  They said that we will send the least request.

 Now Whatsapp does not store message data. Industry experts say that if they accept the government's demand, they will have to re-create the complete architecture.

 >> In December 2008, an amendment to the draft IT Act was introduced, in which responsibilities were placed on related companies to get the message of the message that was shared on the original internet platform.

 Announcement of legal action on these users - However, Whatsapp has taken strong measures on its counterfeit news through its platform.  The company has recently announced that people who abuse the WTSP platform will have to face legal action soon. The company has said that legal action will be taken to send people a message, send an automated message, or violate their terms and conditions.

 Whatsapp has said in its FAQ Pays Unautoised Uses of WhatsApp policy section that any user or organization will send bulk messages or send an automated message simultaneously.  It will face legal proceedings after December 7.

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