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Constitution of india some important topic

Complete Constitution of Republic of India with Schedule & Amendments in English

Read the complete Constitution of Republic of India as well as all the articles, schedules, and amendments as notified by Government of Republic of India in a {very} very straightforward to use user-interface. The Constitution of Republic of India app presents a simplified version of our Constitution to the aspiring civil servants in our country. Constitution of Republic of India is showing neatness categorised into easy classes. the whole Constitution of Republic of India in clean and bottom UI. Divided into elements, Chapters, Sub-Sections and containing the complete unchanged text of all the Articles. conjointly Contains a hundred Amendments (till date), twelve Schedules and every one Central Parliamentary Acts (Net).Current Path is often displayed on the highest.

• Preamble,
• Parts,
• Articles,
• Schedules
• Amendments as notified by Govt. of India.
• marker your favorite/important articles, amendments, and schedules in constitution of Republic of India in English
• quick and responsive program
• Share feature to simply send your favorite articles, amendments, and schedules in constitution of Republic of India to your friends
• App absolutely useful while not the net
• The app is incredibly useful for college students following Law or Legal degree and making ready for Civil Services Examinations.
• provides ability to individuals to grasp the operating of the Indian form of government that is predicated on the structure outlined by the Indian Constitution.
• Divided into elements, Sections, Sub-Sections, and Article Lists.
• Contains all the provisions until a hundred Amendments and their complete contents offered
• an honest thanks to teach kid's regarding the Constitution of Republic of India - Helps Improve the Productivity of individuals UN agency refer the Constitution frequently.
• Share Article Title, Content or each through SMS, Email or any text connected application.
• Constitution of Republic of India is incredibly helpful in IAS Study Material, IAS 2016 and plenty of more!

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